Chicken Sate
Grilled chicken skewers marinated in coconut milk, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
Fried Tofu
Deep fried tofu served with our chef sauce and ground peanut.
Fried Wontons (10 pieces)
Deep fried wontons stuffed with ground chicken and served with plum sauce.
Veggie Egg Rolls
Sauteed glass noodle and vegetable wrapped in spring rolls, deep fried and served with plum sauce.
Fresh Rolls (4 Pieces)
Fresh salad and (tofu or shrimp) wrapped with rice paper served with special sauce.
Tofu $6.99
Shrimp $7.99
Firecrackers (5 Pieces)
Spicy shrimps wrapped with wonton served with plum sauce.
Gyoza (Steamed or Fried 10 pieces)
Chicken dumpling, deep fried or steamed served with our chef sauce.
  Cream Cheese Wonton
Cream cheese & imitation crab meat stuffed with wontons sin served with plum sauce.
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