Each dish is prepared with your choice of
Tofu/Vegeterian $10.49   Chicken/Pork/Beef $11.49   Shrimp/Fish/Mock Duck  $12.49

Pad Thai
Rice noodle stri fried in house special sauce with egg, bean spouts,carrot green onion and ground peanut.
Pad See Ew
Pan fried flat noodle with egg bean spout and broccoli in black soy sauce.
Kee Mow
Spicy flat noodle with basil, onion and chili.
Pad Woon Sen
Bean tread noodle pan fried with choice of meat,egg and assorted vegie.
Rad Nar
Flat noodle topped with house gravy sauce, bamboo shoot, mushroom, green onion and carrot.
  Spicy Noodle
Stir Fried yellow noodle with egg, assorted vegetable in Thai seasoning sauce.
  Thai Chow Mein
Stir-Fried yellow noodle in Thai seasoning sauce with broccoli, cabbage, carrot & mushroom.
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